Quorum present

General Meeting Minutes

J​anuary 6, 2020 Meeting called to order at 7:45 by​ Sheila Grauling, 1st VicePresident Minutes recorded by Shanon Tranchina, Recording Secretary

In attendance​:​ Sheila Grauling, Shanon Tranchina, Erik Gustafson, Andrea Ferrari, Daniella Ocuto, Kristine Magnifico, Dana Durso, Donna McGoey Sheurer, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Smith, Traci Stabile, Stacey Saieva, Sue Altamura, Angela Grisanzo, Eileen Tumiminello, Tracy Bisceglie, Michele Santabarbara, Kaitlyn Beleckas, Kristi Gerhard, Katie Fernandez, Dr. Thomas Fasano. Sign-in sheet attached to master copy of minutes.


Emailed to executive board prior to meeting. Dispensed as read No corrections. Approved as filed.

BOE Report

Erik Gustafson, BOE Rep, presented BOE report. Report attached to master copy of minutes.

Executive Committee Reports

Treasurer’s report attached to master copy of meeting. Reconciled by Michele Santabarbara President’s Report given by Sheila Grauling.
Guest Speaker

Fairfield Principal Kristi Gerhard and Assistant Principal Katie Fernandez gave a report. Kicked off year by creating leaders. PTA introduced the blue project with Jared Campbell. Arts in Ed Dry Escapades, Seeking our Senses, Corey from Submerge Storytelling, Journeys into American Territory. PTA also brought in Boosterthon for first time. Blood Drive – Little Doctors program.

Standing Committee Reports

PARP Report Danielle Ocuto – Report attached to master copy of minutes. Need to get all PARP Committees on similar budget. Currently ranges from $600-$2000. Would also like cohesion about weeks spent and themes.

Andrea Ferrari presented report of Curriculum Committee. Meeting with administration next week. Report attached to master copy of minutes.

Health and Wellness committee: Motion for instructed vote to units on a Statement Against Mandated HPV Vaccine. All in favor. Presidents report back with unit votes at February meeting.

Dr. Fasano Assistant Superintendent presented report.

-​ M​idterms coming up. Ames – Pam Stark, student assembly on dangers of vaping. All students will attend. Noticing a decline in vaping.

  • -​  M​assapequa Takes Action Coalition – big initiative.
  • -​  R​ ULER program: Social emotional intelligence approach/awareness. Regulating emotions effectively.
  • -​  F​ ifth graders surveyed in next two weeks about social media use. Student advisory council will collect the data and use it to finalize for talking points. Bring your own device parent meeting soon.

-​ C​ourse content booklet is good for every parent.

President’s Reports

Katie Beleckas, Jr/ Sr. PTSA Vice President, presented report. Attached to master copy of minute.
Sue Altamura SEPTA Co-President, presented report. Report attached to master copy of minutes.
Birch Lane, Kristine Magnifico – nothing to report.
Stacey Saieva, Unqua President, presented to report. Report attached to master copy minutes.
Donna McGouey, Fairfield Co-President, presented report. Report attached to master copy of minutes. Shanon Tranchina, McKenna PTA President, presented report. Report attached to master copy of minutes. Next meeting February 3, 2020

Meeting Adjourned: 9:45PM